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Rexel: Responsible employer and employees

The Ethics Guide in practice
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Rexel: A socially responsible company
Rexel: Responsible employer and employees
As an employer, Rexel values and specifies the behaviours that should allow each employee to anticipate difficulties and find the right answer to demanding situations.


Rexel respects the dignity of each of its employees and does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination whatsoever. Rexel ensures equal opportunities in terms of recruitment, training, pay, promotion and career development based on the intrinsic requirements of each job and the skills and aptitude of everyone.


Rexel’s remuneration policy is founded on fairness and takes the following into account: the requirements and level of the position, existing internal remuneration levels and the conditions of the local employment market outside the company, individual performance and the company’s results.


As part of its operations, Rexel offers its employees motivating career development opportunities. Rexel encourages and facilitates internal mobility, invests in ongoing training and development for its employees while promoting a satisfactory work-life balance.


Each Rexel employee shall follow the regulations and practices regarding health and safety. Wherever possible, employees take the necessary measures in the event of an identified risk and immediately inform their supervisors of any potential danger or ways in which health and safety practices can be improved. Employees shall not carry out their duties under the influence of substances that may affect their health, state of mind, judgment or which may have a negative impact on the company.


All employees are expected to show loyalty and courtesy in their relations and dealings with colleagues. Every employee, regardless of position and status, is expected to be frank and sincere in his/her relations with others and not to intentionally mislead colleagues.

Appropriate, transparent and professional language is expected of all employees in both written and spoken communication.


Rexel respects the right of its employees to belong to political parties and other organizations. However, such activities must not infringe on the image or activity of Rexel and must in no way have any impact on the public positions adopted by Rexel. Also, no employee or representative of Rexel is authorized to involve the Group directly or indirectly in activities of support of any kind whatsoever for a political party or to use his/her status as an employee of Rexel for political purposes.


All communication destined for the media must be coherent and respect the image of the Group (in accordance with the Group’s values, strategy, visual and graphic identity). All employees not authorized to represent the Group must, before publicly expressing their views about the Group, declare that they are speaking solely in their own name.


Rexel promotes freedom of speech among its employees, respects the individual’s right to belong to a trade union and develops a constructive dialogue with all employees on subjects of common interest. Employees’ representatives are given the information and the necessary means to carry out their duties.


To ensure the proper functioning of the company, each employee of the Rexel Group should enjoy a positive working environment free from harassment, particularly of a moral or sexual nature. Rexel takes the necessary steps to prevent and punish any violations of this policy.


Any form of discrimination against employees on grounds of ethnic origin, colour, gender, religion, political opinions, family background and social origins is strictly forbidden. Recruitment decisions, conditions of career development and promotion are based solely on the requirements that are inherent to the position and the skills of the employee.


Rexel provides its employees with IT and communication equipment for professional purposes. Reasonable use for private purposes is tolerated in accordance with the law and internal practices. Rexel’s computers and Internet access must never be used to consult, send or download content that is judged to be inappropriate or indecent and infringing this Ethics Guide. In addition, everyone must demonstrate company loyalty on social media and Rexel may not under any circumstances be held liable for any remarks made in a personal context.